Behind the Red Shield are people from all walks of life.  They hold in common a strong desire to help, to make a difference.  Will you stand with us?  Together we can serve those who need the resources to find their way to a brighter tomorrow.

Our staff, and volunteers, including our soldiers and Advisory Board, stand behind the shield that represents salvation – from despair, loneliness, and pain.  Come stand with us.

Red Shield in Hand

 Doing the Most Good® In Charlottesville (Virginia) since 1912“What is it? It is not a logo. It is not a tag line. It is not a slogan. It is not to be passed off as just another public relations campaign….”

In Evangeline Booth’s classic book, The War Romance of The Salvation Army, published immediately following World War 1, she wrote in the foreword the following:

“In presenting the narrative of some of the doings of The Salvation Army during the world’s greatest conflict for liberty, I am but answering the insistent call of a most generous and appreciative public.

“When moved to activity by the apparent need, there was never a thought that our humble services would awaken the widespread admiration that has developed. In fact, we did not expect anything further than appreciative recognition from those immediately benefited, and the knowledge that our people have proved so useful is an abundant compensation for all toil and sacrifice, for service is our watchword, and there is no reward equal to that of doing the most good to the most people in the most need.”

Doing the Most Good: Our Manifesto


I am doing the most good.

I am hope.

 I am compassion.

 I am strength.

 I am faith.


I am doing the most good.


I serve a community.

 A region.

 A nation.

 A world.

 I serve heroes.

 I serve victims.

 I serve a sovereign God.


I am doing the most good.


I am an Army.

 Drafted by the Creator.

 Commissioned by a man who defied death.

 My enemies are despair and destruction.

 My ammunition is grace and mercy.

 My allies are generosity and benevolence.

 I am an Army.

 Helping others be all they can be.


I am doing the most good.


I feed empty stomachs and hungry souls.

 I rebuild ruined homes and shattered lives.

 I am a willing listener for a veteran with stories to tell.

 I am a bottled water and an encouraging smile for a weary firefighter.

 I am an answered prayer.

 A silver lining.

 A second chance.


I am doing the most good.


I am a humble steward of other people’s generosity.

 I am a grateful courier of a stranger’s kindness.

 I am the faithful executor of others’ goodwill.

 I take responsibility seriously.

 I am blessed.

 I am a blessing.


I am The Salvation Army.

I am doing the most good.