Join us for our Community Thanksgiving Dinner in the GYM at the 207 Ridge Street location from Noon to 1 PM on Thanksgiving Day.

Volunteers are welcome to help us set up on Wednesday afternoon and on Thanksgiving Day as early as 9-11 a.m., join us for dinner at Noon and then help clear starting at 1:30 p.m.

We serve a community dinner on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Sunday (from 11:30-1 pm; the Soup Kitchen is open on Christmas Day, as it is EVERY day). It is a day for everyone, including volunteers; however, these dinners are community dinners during which time anyone may be sitting and eating and anyone may be delivering seconds or a beverage to those eating. If we can tell the difference between a volunteer and someone who’s come for dinner, we are doing something wrong. We are all one on those days. When there’s something to be done, someone sets about doing it. There is not always activity.

We are accepting donations of FROZEN turkeys, hams, coloring books for children and adults, warm socks, hats, scarves and mittens/gloves. Thank you for thinking of us.