You can make a difference, you can become a volunteer.

“The look on their faces. You see the appreciation and the hope in their eyes when you lend them a hand and help them up. It makes my heart melt and reminds me that I can give back in so many simple ways.” This was the response of one of our volunteers when asked, “Why do you volunteer?”

Thank you for inquiring about volunteering with The Salvation Army Charlottesville. You will be joining an average of 150 volunteers totaling more than 1,100 volunteer hours per month who find fulfillment in the tasks they select.

The Salvation Army Charlottesville Corps is located at 207 Ridge Street and 604 Cherry Avenue in Charlottesville, Virginia.  We have three kinds of volunteer applications, (not required for bellringing, one-time events, or events that are already open to the public) one for each of the following levels

Volunteers who do not work around children, who volunteer for twenty (20) hours or less, or ring bells, require only a signed two-sided SHORT-TERM Volunteer Waiver available on your first day. THIS IS OUR MOST COMMON VOLUNTEER PROCESS. (These are updated forms and, unfortunately, we are unable to accept any of the forms dated prior to 03/06/2018).

SHORT-TERM Volunteer Waiver CVILLE 03062018

Volunteers who do not work around children and will volunteer for more than twenty (20) hours in one year, require the forms below (Volunteer for The Salvation Army complete 03.06.2018), completed and signed, and a signed Position Description(s). While the twelve pages are bulky and some a bit direct, hundreds of people have completed the process and found meaningful projects and we thank you all for that.

1 Volunteer for The Salvation Army complete 03.06.2018

Those who need documentation for court-ordered or school related Community Service Hours, please add this form:

2 Rider Community Service Vol App CVILLE 03062018

The packet contains the Family Store Volunteer Position Description. You may choose from more:

3 Clerical Volunteer Position Description 03062018

3 Housekeeping Volunteer Position Description 03062018

3 Maintenance Volunteer Position Descriptions 03062018

3 Soup Kitchen Volunteer Position Description 03062018

Can my group or company volunteer?
Of course! Volunteering in groups is a great way to strengthen bonds and build morale whether you are a member of a club or a corporation. Please contact the Family Store or Shelter to set up a time to volunteer in the areas described above.

Divisional Volunteer GROUP Statement CVILLE 03062018

This attachment, Sterling Background Check nonforms 03062018, explain your rights when you consent to a background check, but DO NOT need to be printed or included with your application.

Sterling Background Check nonforms 03062018

Volunteers who work around our children (IN ADDITION TO THE PROCESS DESCRIBED ABOVE, we conduct a class entitled Safe From Harm prior to their first day.) What is Safe From Harm? Safe from Harm Training

We will serve a community dinner for Thanksgiving and on the Sunday before Christmas. These are days for everyone, including volunteers. These dinners are community dinners during which time anyone may be sitting and eating and anyone may be delivering seconds or a beverage to those eating. If we can tell the difference between a volunteer and someone who’s come for dinner, we are doing something wrong. We are a community of neighbors on those days. When there’s something to be done, someone sets about doing it. There is not always activity. If that is interesting to you, please come join us for dinner. There is no need to call ahead. Children accompanied by their parents are welcome. No application is required as these dinners are already open to the public.

Email charlottesvilleva@uss.salvationarmy.org, call 434-295-4058, ext 104, visit either of our two locations to pick up applications to volunteer (required if someone plans to volunteer more than once in a six month period). While we aren’t able to accept the completed applications by email or fax, you may print them, complete and sign them, then bring them in person to the office with your valid picture ID.

Volunteer in the community

We run a range of community programs and services to try to provide guests with HOPE in the midst of homelessness, youth issues, hunger, and aging on purpose – just to name a few. Each of these programs requires dedicated and committed people both on the front line and behind the scenes.

What will I be doing as a volunteer? Some examples include:

SOUP KITCHEN, working with our cooking staff, located at 207 Ridge Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902

  • Serve patrons at assigned food or drink area
  • Clean-up or bus tables as needed.
  • Clean-up other areas of Soup Kitchen as needed.
  • Alert staff members or security to potential incidents or risks.
  • Assist custodian with final clean-up of building.
  • Assist with receiving, arranging, and storage of food donations when present.
  • The Soup Kitchen is OPEN ON CHRISTMAS DAY and other holidays (as it is every day). Volunteers are welcome-see notes above about events already open to the public.

FAMILY STORE, located at 604 Cherry Avenue, Charlottesville, VA 22902.

  • To receive goods donated to the The Salvation Army Charlottesville Family Store.
  • To sort and determine what goods are appropriate and useable.
  • To monitor availability and order of goods in the storage area.
  • To help keep items labeled and organized.
  • To help keep storeroom clean and organized.
  • To identify items not needed and prepare them for bailing.

CORPS AND SHELTER, located at 207 Ridge Street, Charlottesville, VA  22902

  • Sort food pantry collections; assist with receiving, shelving, and rotating food items
  • Help us prepare the gifts for families through our Angel Tree Program (Seasonally)
  • Assist with cleaning and general maintenance projects
  • Sunday Breakfast (Every Sunday morning at 9:00 AM, still gives you time to go to your own church or join us in our worship services, a mix of traditional hymns, Biblical preaching and contemporary Praise & Worship)
  • Other opportunities may be developed based on your passions and the needs of The Salvation Army

BELLRINGING: Monday through Saturday, November 17 to December 24, 2018 (except Thanksgiving Day) four-hour shift standing up and outdoors. No background check is required to volunteer as a bellringer.

We’re using SignUp.com to organize our upcoming VOLUNTEER Bellringer SignUps. The site will go live in early November to start signing up. If you rang bells in the years 2015-2017, you will receive an email to get first choice in 2018.

Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:

1) When our SingUp.com link is live in late November, it will be provided here.

2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.

3) Sign up! It’s Easy – you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on SignUp.com.

Note: SignUp.com does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your personal email, create a free one on any of a number of sites just for this purpose, then delete it later.

The “Shoe Drive” needs 25-30 volunteers on the first Friday in February, starting at 4 pm until the job is done, and distribution on the first Saturday in February from 10 am to Noon. There is no need to call ahead. This event is considered “open to the public” and therefore does not require a volunteer application.

Not sure where the best fit for you might be? Join us for a Tour of Hope. We’ll take you on a tour of our facilities to get an inside look at how lives are being improved from Salvation Army programs and services. Please contact Brenda Smith or Captain Susan Shiels at 434-295-4058.

Do we accept young volunteers? Yes! We strongly encourage youth to be involved in their community. That being said, we ask that all young volunteers remain engaged while at our events. There is no set minimum age as long as the youth are actively working towards the purpose of the event. As a general guideline, volunteers under 15 years of age need to have an adult volunteer with them.

Parent_Guardian Background Check Consent Form For MINORS 03062018

Are there other ways that I can give back? An in-kind gift donation can be made to support our programs and services. (i.e. Arts and crafts supplies for our summer camp participants, new unwrapped toys, paper supplies like napkins and paper towels, non-perishable food items heavy on the protein like peanut butter, beans, meals in a can like chili, stew, dumplings, and tuna.)

Are there possible extra clearances that will be required of me as a volunteer? The Salvation Army takes safety very seriously, especially for children, senior citizens and people with physical challenges. We conduct an extensive program called Safe From Harm to ensure safety. Volunteers who will be in a one-on-one situation, or will be working with children, seniors, or the physically challenged are required to have a background check and this special Safe From Harm training. For volunteers, this in-person part of this training may be completed within days of your application, and the online portion at your convenience. For instructions, click here: Safe from Harm Training self enrollment. Be sure to save your certificate at the end because we will add it to your volunteer file.

STATEMENT for Work with Children

GUIDELINES for Adults Work with Children

Does The Salvation Army accommodate court-ordered community service needs? Yes. A background check and references are required only if more than twenty (20) hours are required. The application process can take time; therefore, it is sometimes helpful to combine our 20 hours with another site’s hours when time is short.

Volunteer Registration Process for Emergency Disaster Services

In the event of a local or national disaster, The Salvation Army sends pre-trained, pre-approved volunteers to the disaster site for a two-week deployment, which includes 12 full working days and approximately 2 travel days. Operational needs normally include, but are not limited to canteens (mobile feeding units), fixed-feeding facilities, emotional and spiritual care, distribution centers, disaster assistance centers, warehousing, and finance and administration.

Travel, lodging and meal costs are provided by The Salvation Army for approved volunteers able to deploy for the entire 2 week period. Volunteers typically live in temporary lodging which may be as rudimentary as  tented-housing, or could be hotel lodging with shared, double-occupancy rooms.

Volunteers who have received proper training in advance, receive priority when requesting to be sent to the disaster site. The process to become a trained emergency disaster services volunteer begins by contacting the local Salvation Army corps office, usually takes between 2 weeks to one month, and may require a background check.

In the event that a high level of volunteers is needed, The Salvation Army will accept spontaneous emergency disaster volunteers as well through the local Army corps office, in the area which the volunteer lives. In this case, the individual’s application and approval process, as well as training availabilities may be expedited.

ON-LINE Disaster Services Volunteer Registration

Individuals interested in volunteering may also fill out our on-line disaster worker profile and registration form. These registrations will immediately be sent to your local corps office and Volunteer Coordinator.



Do not travel to the disaster site on your own, without being deployed by a local Salvation Army Volunteer Coordinator. There is limited food, water and lodging in the area, and we cannot guarantee that we will have any of those provisions for you. Do contact your local Salvation Army corps office or fill out the online registration form to apply.