The Salvation Army Fredericksburg, VA Corps, Family Store and Administrative Office offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for all ages. For more information about volunteer and community service opportunities, contact Laura Stempien (email link) or 540.373.3431 ext.212. For court mandated service, contact Joleen Garringer (email link) or 540.891.2242             


Volunteer Registration Process

In the event of a local or national disaster, The Salvation Army sends pre-trained, pre-approved volunteers to the disaster site for a two-week deployment, which includes 12 full working days and approximately 2 travel days. Operational needs normally include, but are not limited to canteens (mobile feeding units), fixed-feeding facilities, emotional and spiritual care, distribution centers, disaster assistance centers, warehousing, and finance and administration.

Travel, lodging and meal costs are provided by The Salvation Army for approved volunteers able to deploy for the entire 2 week period. Volunteers typically live in temporary lodging which may be as rudimentary as
tented-housing, or could be hotel lodging with shared, double-occupancy rooms.

Volunteers who have received proper training in advance, receive priority when requesting to be sent to the disaster site. The process to become a trained emergency disaster services volunteer begins by contacting the local Salvation Army corps office, usually takes between 2 weeks to one month, and may require a background check.

In the event that a high level of volunteers is needed, The Salvation Army will accept spontaneous emergency disaster volunteers as well through the local Army corps office, in the area which the volunteer lives. In this case, the individual’s application and approval process, as well as training availabilities may be expedited.

ON-LINE Disaster Services Volunteer Registration

Individuals interested in volunteering may also fill out our on-line disaster worker profile and registration form. These registrations will immediately be sent to your local corps office and Volunteer Coordinator.


Do not travel to the disaster site on your own, without being deployed by a local Salvation Army Volunteer Coordinator. There is limited food, water and lodging in the area, and we cannot guarantee that we will have any of those provisions for you. Do contact your local Salvation Army corps office or fill out the online registration form to apply.