The Home League is the world’s second largest woman’s organization. It is for women aged 16+ and is based on a four-fold program. Each month in Fredericksburg, a program will include worship, service, education and fellowship programs. The ladies start with a devotional and a prayer, followed by the program. At the end, a short time of fellowship is held with refreshments.

During the same hour in Fredericksburg, a small group of men meet. They often take the time to visit shut-in members of the Church and work on projects around the Church building. They also have both Christian education and worship programs. For both the Men & Women’s groups there are annual camp weekends for a time of  renewal and commitment.

History of the Men’s Fellowship

The Men’s Fellowship Club movement was founded in 1946. Before that time there had been various men’s groups, but no organized men’s movement. In such Corps as Greenville, SC, and in Kinston, NC, a need was felt for an effective program for reaching men with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. During the early days of the formation of the “Men’s Fellowship Club”, the suggestion of a logo was made, and one of the group from Kinston, NC, said he had seen a picture of two men’s hands crossed, and with that, Captain Alfred Cheney drew a picture freehand of a pair of men’s hands clasped together with a circle around it. And then in the circle he wrote, “The Salvation Army: Men’s Fellowship Club”… the logo was born.

From the beginning, an emphasis was on service. Some groups collected and repaired toys for poor children, drilled and rigged fresh water wells, etc. The first Divisional Men’s Fellowship Camp took place in 1950 where services were held in tents, and the men cooked their own meals. By the end of that year, the Territory claimed 985 members. By the end of 1981 there were 736 clubs nationally with a membership of 9776.  In 2005 the club had 973 clubs with 12,810 membership.