Emergency Assistance


Partnering with other community programs, charitable organizations, municipal services and utility providers, The Salvation Army of the Virginia Peninsula offers emergency assistance to individuals and families who are experiencing a temporary financial crises. Those seeking assistance usually need help to stay in their homes, pay their utility bills, and feed their families.  Most services are provided on a limited basis and those with continuing needs are referred to longer-term programs.  In partnership with the Housing Crisis Hotline, we also provide emergency accommodations for those with an immediate need for shelter.   Eligibility for assistance is not guaranteed and various forms of documentation are required, depending on the type of assistance sought.  Our programs include:

  • Emergency Utility Assistance
  • Emergency Housing Assistance
  • Emergency Food Pantry
  • Emergency Shelter through the Housing Crisis Hotline

If you need utility, housing, or food pantry assistance, please call one of our Corps centers or complete the Contact Us form online.   For emergency shelter assistance, please call the Housing Crisis Hotline at (757) 587-4202.