Lava Lava Poster

2021 Summer Day Camp

Emotions are like a force of nature, but with God’s help, we can learn to take control of our emotions before a storm hits!  During our fun summer day camp at the Lava Lava Luau, we’ll see what God’s Word says about anger, sadness, jealousy, and frustration and learn how we can respond to others who may be feeling these emotions as well. In Lava Lava Luau, kids will learn Biblical ways to express and deal with their emotions.

  • Date

    July 5-30, 2021

  • Time

    Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm

  • Price

    $80 for the first child per week and $60 for each additional child per week.

    Payment can be made by Cash, Credit Card or personal Check made out to The Salvation Army and must be paid in full each Monday unless prior arrangements have been made with the director.


The Salvation Army at 1033 Big Bethel Road, Hampton