Employer Deductions
Many employers offers the opportunity for employee’s to deduct charitable contributions out of their paycheck, and will facilitate the donation process. The Salvation Army Hampton Roads Area Command would be honored to have your support though one of these options:
Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

According to OPM.gov, “The mission of the CFC is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing all federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all. Pledges made by Federal civilian, postal and military donors during the campaign season will support eligible non-profit organizations that provide health and human service benefits throughout the world.”  – OPM.gov

The Salvation Army Hampton Road Area Command’s CFC#: 99748 

Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) 

The CVC is the annual charity drive of the employees of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Through payroll deductions, Commonwealth employees can choose to support the nonprofit organization that they are most passionate about in Virginia.

The Salvation Army Hampton Road Area Command’s CVC Code:  00-504

Volunteering with Coworkers
Are you interested in getting involved with your coworkers? Choose one of the options below. We’d love to have your support! CLICK HERE to sign up for a group volunteer opportunity.
To host a donation drive contact The Salvation Army Volunteer Coordinator, Shelby Hunt by email at Shelby.Hunt@uss.salvationarmy.org or by phone at 757-543-8100 x.64122