The Salvation Army’s Food Pantry is busy! Four days a week. We receive grocery items through the Foodbanks Food Rescue program. Sometimes there is meat, deli items, and fresh produce. There are almost always bakery items like day old bread and sweets. We also distribute USDA products like canned vegetables, peanut butter, and beans. And we supplement those items with purchased and donated groceries.

Here are some ways you can help us help our neighbors.

  • Cash donations: Imagine if we could add meat and produce on days when we do not receive any through Food Rescue. Or buy bulk jelly to go with the USDA peanut butter. The Salvation Army can make cash donations go further by buying in bulk or purchasing from the Foodbank, and we’re tax-exempt. Cash donations allow us to fill needs for specific food items immediately.
  • Check out our wish list on Walmart’s Registry for Good we have many non-food items needed to keep the pantry running, like large produce bags, reusable grocery bags, and supplies.
    • Canned meats like SPAM, tuna, chicken, and Vienna sausages.
    • Hearty soups
    • Cereal, both cold and hot. Don’t forget the oatmeal!
    • Ramen/oodles of noodles
    • Crackers to go with the soups

*Pop-top cans are the best, especially for soups and meats, because our homeless clients do not have access to can openers.

**We DO NOT accept or hand out expired food

***Food Drive Donations can be delivered directly to The Salvation Army Social Services offices at 5525 Raby Road in Norfolk. We can arrange pickup for large-quantity drives.