Rental Assistance Program

Salvation Army Hampton Roads Rental Program funds are used to pay one month’s rent to stop clients from being evicted from rental properties or the first month’s rent for clients moving into a rental property inside of that service area (Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake). The program is offered as funding and scheduling permits and clients can only apply once every 5 years

How to Apply

This program is not an emergency-based or “walk-in” program. Appointments are set on a designated sign-up day, typically occurring once a month mid-month. That is subject to change, however, so we always recommend clients check the phone line listed below often for updates on exact dates. Funding/appointment slots are extremely limited so we recommend clients continue to explore other options for rental assistance while waiting for our sign-ups.

On receipt of a 5 day pay or quit (or equivalent) clients may be eligible for assistance and may apply on that same month’s sign-up day. At that event prospective clients will be pre-screened to determine basic eligibility. Those considered eligible will receive a later appointment date. Upon returning for that appointment clients will be required to complete a Salvation Army Social Service application as well as return with identification and financial information on members of their household. Final determination of eligibility is determined once all paperwork is complete and documentation is received. If approved, a check will either be mailed directly to the landlord or, upon request, held for the landlord (or designated agent) for pick up at our Raby Road location.

For more information, call the rental assistance hotline, 757-965-9012 ext. 4. Information changes regularly so clients are urged to call the hotline before taking further action

Items Required for Sign-Up Events:

Please note that all documents listed must be in hard copy form. We are not able to accept verbal confirmations from your landlord either in person or over the phone, nor will we review digital or physical photos of documentation, and are unable to accept faxes or emails on the day of the sign-up. Failure to produce hard copies of any of the following documents will result in denial.


1)      LeaseBring a typed, signed, and unexpired copy of your leasing agreement. If your lease has expired it must either have a clearly stated an extension policy (month-to-month/auto-renewal clause) or be accompanied by an addendum extending the agreement showing your current monthly rental amount.

2)      Pay or Quit/5 Day Notice (not a 72 hour eviction!)This document must be for the current month and itemize all costs on your account. Anything due from a prior month including prior month rent/fees/costs must be paid in full when you come to apply or you will be denied. Late fees or other costs from the current month will need to be paid before our assistance check will be sent, but do not necessarily need to be paid as of the sign-up event. Proof of these payments will need to be provided either in receipts from your landlord/lender or money orders made out to your landlord/lender (no blank money orders or cash in hand). Please note that this is a letter from your landlord/lender, and not court issued eviction documents. Your documentation must make it explicitly clear that eviction can be prevent by one month’s payment.

3)   Government IDA valid Virginia State ID is preferred. Expired IDs or IDs from other sources (including other state IDs, passports, military ID, etc.) are not accepted for delinquent rental clients. If your ID does not state your current address, you may still apply. However, you will need to update the DMV with your current address and provide proof of doing so before a check will be issued to your landlord/lender.

FIRST MONTH RENT CLIENTS: (note that our program does not assist you in locating a home, nor do we assist with any deposits or moving costs. On the sign-up day you will be required to have found a location and satisfied the deposit to apply)

1)      Preliminary Lease Agreement -OR- Move-In Letter– Both should be typed/signed as well as itemizing all move in costs, including the deposit.

2)      Deposit Receipt/Money OrderBefore we can pay your first month rent, we need to see that you’ve satisfied any additional deposit or application fees required to move in. Cash in hand or blank money orders will not be accepted, and we are unable to take calls or faxes from your landlord on the day of the sign-up.

3)      Government IDA valid Virginia State ID is preferred. Expired IDs or IDs from other sources (including other state IDs, passports, military ID, etc.) are not accepted for rental clients.