How We Help

We are experiencing a large increase in the number of Americans needing life’s basic necessities: food; shelter; and warmth. Approximately 30 million people received help from The Salvation Army last year.

Diaper Bank

Emergency Assistance

Pathway Of Hope

Pathway of Hope


Individuals and their families who show the need for clothing can receive assistance through a voucher to our thrift store. Individuals can receive up to $20.00 for garments and up to $15.00 for shoes.  If the need persists, adults can return for a voucher to our store every six months and children every three months. At your scheduled appointment time with social services, we suggest that all individuals who need clothing assistance are present. Doing this gives you the opportunity to shop our thrift Store and identify items that could be purchased with your voucher. Please note:

  • The voucher must be used the day it is issued.
  • No Boutique items can be purchased with an issued voucher.
  • No high heels can be purchased with an issued voucher.

FURNITURE We provide assistance with furniture and/or household item vouchers ONLY for special emergencies—such as fire and natural disaster. Individuals who have been incarcerated can also qualify for furniture and/or household item vouchers.