We are looking for volunteers to ring bells and the signup is now open.

  • Shelter when a blanket and coat isn’t enough to keep you warm
  • A cool place to survive when there is no break in the heat
  • A warm meal when there is no food in the house
  • Help when you’ve received an eviction notice and there is no money to pay the rent
  • The only opportunity your child has to experience summer camp

...these are just a few of the reasons why the Red Kettle Campaign is so important to our community.

The Salvation Army of Lynchburg is one of the only emergency shelters in the Greater Lynchburg area that also has a feeding program open to residents and the community. We are committed to sending children to summer camp with no cost to the parents for those families that qualify. In addition, we provide clothing, food baskets, rent and utility assistance to those who experience an emergency need during the course of a year. We are here to provide a safe place designed to help people by giving them a hand up and stable footing during an unstable time in their lives.

Your support makes a huge difference in what we can accomplish for those hurting and in need. Please consider sponsoring a Red Kettle location. Thousands of people pass by our kettles, and your support will help us achieve our goal. In addition, your business name and logo will be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people. It is a great way to help those in need in the community while also promoting your business. For more information regarding our Red Kettle Campaign, sponsorship levels and opportunities for support, please contact Tammy Shank at 434-845-5939.