2021 – 2022 SEASON

The first DMA weekend is September 17 & 18.

2021 - 2022 DMA infomation packet (revised)

Audition Requirements

BRASS/PERCUSSION – Audition music available below. Prepare as many of the examples as possible.

Brass Audition (revised)

♩ Percussion Audition

DANCE – Placement is based on a group audition. No prepared material or routines are necessary.

THEATER –  Audition monologues available below. Select one and be ready to present it from memory. Audition will also consist of a blind group read-through.

🎭 Theater Audition

PIANO – No auditions. However, piano delegates will be
required to take some form of private instruction outside of
DMA weekends to further improve their technique and literacy.

GUITAR – No auditions. Bring own instrument if possible.

TIMBRELS – Audition consists of learning a drill on the spot. No prepared materials or routines are necessary.

VISUAL ARTS – No Auditions.


Divisional Music and Arts (DMA) is an opportunity for soldiers of all ages and abilities to come together and further develop their talents to use in the various corps settings that present themselves as ministry opportunities throughout the year. We welcome any person who is involved in the corps, officer & soldier alike, who may have a skill that can contribute to one of the ensembles listed.

We are looking for leaders, assistants, ensemble support personnel, and people with New Ideas!

Contact a member from the music department if interested in volunteering!

Divisional Youth Bands

Beginner Band
For those who are just starting their brass journey. The music performed in this group is often unison or one part melodies, meaning all players are playing (and learning) together.

Rapidan Band
This group is for beginner level musicians who have now learned to read some music and play simple scales. Music is now split into four to five parts. For many young musicians, this is their first true “ensemble” experience.

Rappahannock Band
The intermediate level band. This group plays music written for larger ensembles, meaning more parts. Both ensemble playing and individual musicianship are further developed through challenging music.

Divisional Youth Band (DYB)
THE Divisional Youth Band. The band personnel were selected through audition and represent the finest young brass players in the division. The repertoire for this group consists of any level of Salvation Army/brass band repertoire. Being a youth based ensemble, the band is comprised mostly of high school and college students (and some active corps officers thrown in for good measure). This group is not just a stationary one; historically, the band has traveled to various locations all along the United States east coast. The band has also had the opportunity to perform for an international audience. Notable tours in recent years include travels to Jamaica and Peru. While musical excellence is a primary focus for the band, the true aim is and always has been to glorify the Lord and be His witness through musical and spiritual gifts.

Divisional Creative Arts

Divisional Creative Arts Ensemble
This ensemble is for mature individuals who have a passion for theatre and dance ministry. The participants choreograph, write, direct, block, and perform scripts together at various venues throughout the division.

Dance 1
This group’s focus is toward Youth Councils and the Spring Concert during the DMA season. This group will move at a faster pace and participants must be skilled and mature enough to provide dance ministries at their corps.

Dance 2
This is a technique and corps preparatory ensemble. This group’s focus is on monthly corps participation and the Spring Concert.

Theatre 1
The focus for this group is toward Youth Councils and the Spring Concert.
This group will move at a faster pace and participants must be talented and mature enough to provide theatre ministries at their corps.

Theatre 2:
This is a technique and corps preparatory ensemble.This group’s focus is on monthly corps participation and the Spring Concert.

Divisional Timbrels
This group focuses on Youth Councils and the Spring Concert.
Timbrels will move at a fast pace thus, participation is for those who already possess and can demonstrate proper timbrel technique.

Divisional Youth Choirs

Singing Company

A group comprised of the youngest (and newest) singers in the division. Children are shown the joys of making music with their voices. Widely considered to be the most adorable of all the choirs.

Men’s Chorus

The chorus for young men. The male voice has a wider range than most boys know and that potential is realized here.

Women’s Chorus

The chorus for young women. Sopranos and altos learn that their voices can evoke both grace and power.

Divisional Youth Chorus

THE Divisional Youth Chorus. Many members are carried over from DYB. The group performs music from a wide selection of styles including traditional hymns, contemporary arrangements, and gospel.