World Homeless Day October 10th

Did you know over 100 million people worldwide are without housing? On October 10th, we recognize World Homeless Day and the importance of a safe, secure home. While we are working locally to keep individuals safely sheltered, The Salvation Army is also offering services and solutions to end homelessness worldwide. By offering emergency shelter, long-term housing assistance and case management support, we’re working to help individuals find a pathway out of poverty, and a permanent place to call home.

Many individuals we help are like Nykirah, who found herself homeless after losing her job during the pandemic, and then her housing all caring for her sick mother. She came to The Salvation Army’s Emergency Family Shelter with her three sons and could sleep safely without fearing what would happen next. With a safe place to sleep each night, case management support and a network of resources, Nykirah regained employment and was able to move into an apartment with her boys and is working towards homeownership.

You can make a difference this World Homeless Day for individuals like Nykirah and others who fear where they’ll sleep tonight, how their bills will get paid or when their next meal will come. Share a note of encouragement, educate others about how The Salvation Army can help, or consider making a $25 donation to help families create fresh starts.

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