March Healthy Living Challenge




Exercise at least three (3) times a week for at least 20 minutes.

Why is exercise important

Exercise is important because if you don’t use your body you will slowly but surely begin to lose it. Your muscles will become flabby and weak, and organs will be less efficient and may shut down, your joints will be more prone to injury, and your mind will be dull and foggy. Here are some examples of how these benefits specifically manifest themselves.

Prevents Disease

Aerobic exercises reduces the risk of hear disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other lifestyle related conditions. Our bodies were created to move and failure to do so consistently and with intention will lead to our bodies breaking down and eventually to disease.

Improves Quality of Life

All exercise makes you feel better because it gets your heart racing, the blood pumping and it makes your feel accomplished. The endorphins that are released when you exercise lifts your mood and helps you have a more positive perspective on life. Exercise also helps keep you looking and feeling younger throughout your life.

How to Get Started

Quality over quantity. If you are just beginning to incorporate exercise into your routine, quality is more important than quantity. Start off slowly and increase slowly, over time you can add more repetitions to your exercise/workout and exercise for longer. Do some research. Get information from avid exercises, professional trainers or from online resources to avoid mistakes and injuries and keep this challenge fun.

February Healthy Living Challenge Questions

Theme – Internet Safety
Challenge – Complete the NetSmart training online or another internet safety training course.

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Spirit of the Shield – 1.23.14

Hi, my name is Captain Shawana Brown and along with my husband, whom you heard from last week we are excited to be sharing from God’s word with you. I hope you had the opportunity to study Jeremiah 33 which my husband shared a message from last week. What I would like to ask you today is, has there ever been a time you felt powerless?

Within my husband’s devotional last week he mentioned God being the creator of the earth. And that is where I would like you to go with me today, to the beginning. The story of creation is found in Genesis chapters 1 & 2 (click here see these chapters in New King James Version). These first 2 chapters have 2 purposes which are first to identify God as the creator of the world and second to show God’s sovereign power as the creator of all things.

As you study these 2 chapters take a moment to find God’s initial response to His creation in chapter 1 verses 1-13, how He carefully fills the earth in verses 14-25 and His creation of man and woman beginning in chapter 1 verse 26 and ending in chapter 2 with verse 25.

God is sovereign, meaning He has all authority and power over all things. His authority rules over the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the things or events in life we may not understand. On the days you are on top of the world, remember the powerful God who created this world for you to enjoy and give Him thanks. On the days you are in the valley, and feel powerless, remember that same powerful God who created the earth, in much detail, created you and can give you power over whatever circumstance you are facing.

Isn’t it great to know you have a powerful God on your side? Trust in His power for your life, after all He did create you. God bless and see you next time.