Salvation Army Hoops for Health Interview on Alpha Media Radio

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club will host the 3rd Annual Hoops for Health and Healthy Living Festival on Saturday, May 2 at the Club on 3701 R Street in Richmond’s East End.

Check out the interview with information on Hoops for Health and Healthy Living Festival as well as information about The Salvation Army’s other programs and services in Central Virginia from April 5, 2015 on Alpha Media Radio n Richmond.


Kay Thomas (host)

Salvation Representatives

Christian Dundas (Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Advisory Council)
Hugh Jones (Executive Director, Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club)
Matt Pochily (Marketing & Communications, The Salvation Army)

Easter and Our Quiet Heroes of Faith

When Shekiah chose to find Ted in a crowd during The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club 60th Anniversary, it reminded me that at any given moment in time, Heaven can break out.

Who better to influence a teenager than someone who loves God and loves people enough to invest in their lives? As a father, successful entrepreneur, donor and volunteer, Ted’s faith has grown through challenges and triumphs. His belief has manifested itself in service that has fostered the spiritual, academic and emotional growth in a young lady’s heart and mind.

Who better to remind us as adults of the presence of Jesus in our lives? As a young teen, Shekiah’s bright spirit is open to caring, supportive adults who she trusts will tap into her energy, passion and commitment.

Neither Ted nor Shekiah are super heroes. With Jesus as the example, they are quite heroes of faith who have accepted the awesome privilege of simply believing in and ministering to one another.

Their interaction reflects the power of the resurrection and the joy in our daily living. It may open our spiritual eyes as we gain the understanding of God’s eternal purposes.

Our giving spirits carry forth the message that Christ died so that we might no longer live for ourselves. He gave us a new focus as we live for Him and His principles.

This Easter, we honor you for being a vessel for someone’s healing, redemption, joy or progress… for becoming His extended hand to a world that needs you.

Connections of Two Remarkable People

In the last month, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club held their annual Youth of Year award ceremony and hosted Civil Rights Leader Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker for a discussion on youth finding their legacy. The two events are closely connected to the Club’s mission of educating and empowering youth who give back to their respective communities and we’ll share perspective on those connections in this week’s Salvation Army News Update.

Dove Arceneaux, a senior at Franklin Military Academy was recently awarded the title of 2015 Youth of the Year from The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club and in April will compete with other Youths of the Year from their respective clubs across the state to be regional youth of the year. Dove was also on hand at the Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker Finding Your Legacy event to present Dr. Walker with The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Community Spotlight Lifetime Achievement Award and talked to us recently about some of the things she heard and a bit about herself.

And related to Dove’s comments on Club staff seeing leadership in her and through her work with younger kids after school at the Club, comedian Micah White talked about leadership during the panel discussion at the Dr. Walker Finding Your Legacy event.

In addition to education, Dr. Walker also emphasized the role faith played during the Civil Rights Movement and important role it plays in the lives of youth.

There was a ton of other great conversation around leadership, accountability, voting and leaving a positive impact on your community and we encourage you check that out on our website at

Dr Wyatt Tee Walker Emphasizes Education to Richmond Youth

Planting Seeds for Salvation

At The Salvation Army, we have dozens of staff members and hundreds of volunteers who serve our program participants each in a different and unique way. Some of us plant seeds and others water seeds but it is always God who gives the increase. This week we have a feature on someone who has been planting seeds in a place where it’s not always easy to see a flower bloom.

Sixteen to eighteen hours a week, Malik Shabazz, an ordained minister and certified substance abuse counselor comes to The Salvation Army emergency shelter to meet with shelter residents and address their history with alcohol or substance abuse. Through a rough background of his own, Malik knows a flower may not immediately bloom but it’s planting the seed that’s important.

Malik is a firm believer in Romans 8:28, that says “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for the good, for those who are called according to His purpose,” and knows that God was working all things together to give him a voice to be able to genuinely share with others and lift them up.

Malik went on to say that the substance abuse program is only as good as the resources which are poured into it and though flowers don’t bloom right away, it has been invaluable to its participants. Please keep Monday, February 23rd at 11am on your calendar for the Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker event at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls. This is going to be a great event where Dr. Walker and a Richmond community leader panel will talk with area youth about finding their legacy. More information is available at

Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Member Signs National Letter of Intent to Play College Football

Nigel Chavis began attending The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club at nine years old. His mother needed somewhere safe for him to go after school while she was still at work. Nigel was a typical mischievous young boy. Every day Nigel showed up and participated in Club programing knowing he would be safe and have fun interacting with his peers. He also knew that if he chose to be a part of the activities of hanging in the streets with his peers, he may have become one of the many unpleasant statistics of his environment.

On Wednesday, February 4, 2015, Nigel signed a National Letter of Intent to play Division I football at Norfolk State University. In the spring Nigel will graduate from Armstrong High School and be one of the first student-athletes to have gone on from Armstrong to play Division I football.

After signing his Letter Nigel said of the Club, “It’s been like a family. Everybody got along with each other. Going there after school kept me out of trouble.” He also attributed his academic success (he carries a 3.8 GPA) to the Club, “Power Hour {Club Tutoring Program} helped me keep focused on my grades from elementary school, middle school and into high school. It helped me keep my grades up.”

At the Club, Nigel participated in many programs including the teen program and attended college tours, etiquette classes, in-house basketball leagues, SMART Moves, Gentleman’s Club and as a score keeper for the annual Hoops for Health Basketball Tournament for his younger peers.

Nigel is just the first of many Club members to commit to college after graduation in 2015. We will continue to share those stories throughout the spring.

College Basketball Great Christian Laettner Gives Clinic at Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club

Actor Chad L. Coleman Comes Back to Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club

It is especially exciting to share the video of actor Chad L. Coleman (The Wire, The Walking Dead) who was a member of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club growing up and in December came back to visit his old Church Hill neighborhood and the Club in the #BLX mini-docuseries from BET.


In the video Coleman visits with staff at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club and says, “They continue to to invest in kids, just like when I was a little youngster.”

Coleman’s brother, Don, is Chair of the Richmond City Public School Board and active alumni member of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club.

A Legacy of Adversity to Progress

Many of us have been through circumstances were we have called out to God for help…and Charles is no different but God’s healing and protection for him was something different…and we’ll share that in this week’s Salvation Army News Update.

Second Corinthians chapter four verses eight and nine say, ‘We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not despairing; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed;’ and Charles experienced many of those but through faith in God and personal ambition he’s proving he’s not been crushed.

It was that ambition and self-motivation that led Charles to enroll in The Salvation Army’s A Step Up Program which included a certification class as a Personal Care Aide through a partnership with the Professional Career Institute.

A gift to the Online Red Kettle is one way to feel God’s presence and bring His blessing to Charles and other men, women and children who may face challenge but long to fulfill their potential. The Online Red Kettle closes January 31st. Thank you for allowing us to the share this story with you.

One parting note, on Monday, February 23, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club will host Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker for a special speaking engagement to area youth on finding their legacy. Dr. Walker was the former Chief of Staff to Dr. Martin Luther King and is a graduate of Virginia Union University.

Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker to Speak at Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club – Feb 23

On Monday, February 23, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club will welcome Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker for a special speaking engagement for youth and community members on finding their legacy and having a positive impact in their community.

During the event, Dr. Walker will reflect on his contribution to the book A Light Shines in Harlem: New York’s First Charter School and the Movement It Led and interact with a Richmond community leader panel during a discussion aimed at youth of the Club and other community youth and residents on finding their legacy and having a positive impact in their community.

Admission to the event is free, please RSVP via the form below or text WTWALKER to 51555. The first 50 attendees will receive a free signed copy of A Light Shines in Harlem and Dr. Walker will be available to sign copies of A Light Shines in Harlem and his books. Doors open at 10:30AM, the event will begin at 11:00AM and conclude by Noon. Admission is limited to 500.

RSVP for Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker on Finding Your Legacy

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About Dr. Walker

Dr. Walker is a pastor, national civil rights leader, theologian, and cultural historian. He was Chief of Staff for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., an early board member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and founded a Congress for Racial Equality. A graduate of Virginia Union University, Walker began as pastor at historic Gillfield Baptist Church in Petersburg, VA, where he entered the Civil Rights Movement. For 37 years Dr. Walker was Senior Pastor at Canaan Baptist Church of Christ in Harlem, New York, where he also co-founded the Religious Action Network of Africa Action to oppose apartheid in South Africa, and chaired the Central Harlem Local Development Corporation.

From Street Life to Jesus Christ

Amos grew up in the projects of Chester, Pennsylvania. At the age of 12 he began dealing drugs, crossing state-lines dealing and get involved with gangs. He’s been incarcerated a couple times, and though he was raised in a Christian home he didn’t Christ until he was in the back seat of a police car in Pennsylvania 15 years ago. Today, his life is much different and he’s having a positive impact on the youth of Richmond as Youth Pastor at St. Mark Church of God in Christ.

Boys & Girls Club Leadership Academy visits VCU Athletics

As part of the programming at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, the Club offers the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Academy, which teaches leadership & skills development opportunities focusing on filling leadership roles and post-secondary educational planning for teen members. On Monday, December 29, Boys & Girls Club Teen Program Coordinator Tyree Walker along with Advisory Council members JC Poma and Greg Burton took members of the Leadership Academy to visit The Stuart C. Siegel Center at Virginia Commonwealth University and talk with members of the Athletic Department and hear from Director of Athletics Ed McLaughlin. The youth also had the privilege of staying for the men’s basketball game against Cleveland State.

Finding God in Joyce’s Story

It is your kindness that has been the means that God has of touching Joyce with His love, of relating to His Word, of enabling her family to discover His saving grace.

Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club hosts King and Queen in Me Ball

On the evening of Wednesday, December 10, 2014, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club hosted their annual King and Queen in Me ball for the participants in the program. The King and Queen in Me programs are two small group programs within The Salvation Army Boys & Girls which works with young boys and girls on developing the spirit, soul, and body. The King and Queen in Me ball is the culminating event of the program.

Giving Tuesday

Kelli talks about how making a gift to The Salvation Army on Giving Tuesday can make a difference in the lives of our neighbors in need.

Striving for a Better Future

Tanika came to The Salvation Army in the summer of 2014 after bills had piled up and she needed help with her utility bill. While there, she asked if The Salvation Army offered education and job placement programs in the medical field.