The Salvation Army. . . . .

10)keeps your donations in Staunton and western Augusta County to serve people in your community.  You can know that donations to The Salvation Army stay here to support Salvation Army programs and services right here in Staunton and western Augusta County, which serve people here in our community.

9)uses its resources with little overhead expense.  91% of your donations to your local Salvation Army go directly into programs and services that impact people here in our area.

8)ensures a Christmas/Thanksgiving experience for children and their families.  Last year, your local Salvation Army was responsible for providing a Thanksgiving and Christmas meal to 327 families and Christmas toys and gifts to 479 children in the Staunton/western Augusta area.

7)keeps families in their homes and off the streets.  Through our Homelessness Prevention Ministry, 458 families were able to stay in their own homes through combinations of rent and utility assistance from The Salvation Army.

6)feeds hungry people.  Last year, The Salvation Army distributed food bags to 205 families as part of its Hunger Prevention Ministry.

5)provides clothing to needy people. 238 people received clothing vouchers from The Salvation Army, which were redeemed at our Family Thrift Store for 4282 different articles of clothing.

4)supplies medicine to senior citizens and others.  Through your support of The Salvation Army, 96 people received assistance with purchasing their much-needed prescription medicines.

3)sends children to Summer Camp.  Each year, The Salvation Army provides a summer camp experience to approximately 20 local children at Camp Happyland, a full-time summer residential camp, accredited by the American Camping Association owned and run by The Salvation Army in Culpeper County, VA.

2)helps people re-establish their lives after disasters. The Salvation Army provides furniture, appliances, and other household furnishings to local families who are victims of local floods and fires or are transitioning from homelessness to their own home.  Last year, 69 families received 127 pieces of furniture.

1)teaches youth to be productive citizens.  The Salvation Army’s youth character-building programs teaches young boys and girls and provides opportunities for their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY sends a message of hope.  Through The Salvation Army’s social and spiritual ministries, we send a message to people in our community that people care for each other, that there is hope for tomorrow, and that we can make a better world today by working together.  Your donation helps us do this.