10am-Sunday School

11am-Church Service

**1st Sunday-Family Fellowship at 12pm (LUNCH PROVIDED)

**3rd Sunday-Potluck and Community Care Ministries at 12pm (LUNCH PROVIDED)


5pm-Devotion and Choir and Teen Bible study then
Music Programs (Dance and Timbrels, Gym Time)


6:30pm-Youth Small Groups


**1st Tuesday Community Care Ministries at Birch Gradens

**3rd Tuesdays-Young Adult Ministry at 6pm

                                                                                            12:00pm- Older Adult Ministries


6pm- Teen Discipleship class, Adult Bible Study, Nursery

7pm-Men’s and Women’s Ministries, Teen Group, Nursery


3:00pm-Small Group

4:30pm- Praise Band Practice

Our Sunday Church Service is a Traditional/Contemporary Service which combines prayer, scripture, preaching, and music to honor the Lord. Our church is a place where all can feel welcome and accepted. For more information please contact: Lts. Johnathan and Kelsey Meredith at (540) 885-8157