Your hometown – not always your place of birth – is where you’ve staked everything on love: bought your home, raised your family, enjoyed your friends. You’re among the caring and responsible people who built your town because you love it. Together you’ve created a heritage based on love and concern for one another that deserves preserving for generations to come.

We give your hometown our very best because we too believe that charity begins at home. The Salvation Army has been part of nearly every hometown in America for generations. Great-grandparents remember us so well because when they were young cities were smaller and people more visible.

We want to contuinue helping others for many more years to come. But we live in a world where changes occur with breathtaking speed and the future is less predictable than ever. The Salvation Army suffers all of the effects of roller-coaster economics, just as industries and cities themselves do.

We have a solution to help secure the future.