The Salvation Army has been actively serving America’s youth for more than 120 years. Salvation Army corps community centers offer religious and character-building programs that can include Sunday school, youth troops, music classes, athletics and sporting events, arts and crafts, camping and more.

Many inner-city youths who participate in such programs do not have access or opportunity to have these experiences otherwise. They have not experienced the peace or safety of camping in the rural countryside. Many have never had the opportunity to play a musical instrument, or to make arts and crafts and play competitive games in a protected setting.

The Salvation Army gives all youth a chance to experience educational enrichment, life skills development, and spiritual and physical wellness. Such experiences allow these at-risk children and adolescents to envision and pursue better futures.

Boys and Girls Club

For over 50 years The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs have been unique places created by The Salvation Army that offer programs and services that exemplify and actively practice Christian principles. This is done in a way that causes recipients of our services to learn to admire the values, ethics and skills presented, and incorporate them into their own lives. To reach today’s young people and their families in a non-threatening way, our Clubs create an accepting, positive and challenging environment where young people of every background, circumstance, race, creed and religion feel welcomed.

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Youth Character

The Character Building Programs through The Salvation Army are positive ministry programs for young people. Sunbeams, Girl Guards and Adventure Corps are Christian character building programs focused on helping children learn about themselves and their world. They will do this through participating in programs centered around education, fellowship, service and worship.

  • Moonbeams for girls and boys in pre-K and Kindergarten
  • Sunbeams for girls in grades 1-5
  • Girl Guards for girls in grades 6-12
  • Adventure Corps for boys in grades 1-5
  • Ranger Program for boys in grades 6-12
  • Boy Scouts

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